General Awareness Questions for IBPS Bank PO and Clerk Exam 2013


Please go through the latest questions and answers of General awareness for IBPS PO and clerk exam below. These are the few sample questions of recent past.

Q 1. Annually on which date World Red Cross day and Red Crescent day is celebrated?
A. 8th May

Q 2. Technical Cooperation in urban planning and management MOU is signed between which 2 countries?
A. India and Netherland

Q 3. Who laid the foundation of National Museum in New Delhi
A. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

Q 4. Who received Dada Sahib Phalke award at his residence in Mumbai this year?
A. Pran Kishan Sikand

Q 5. Who is the new home secretary of India?
A. Anil Goswami

Q 6. Naval science and Technology laboratory is inaugurated in which state?
A. Visakhapatnam 

Q 7. Who is the Brand Ambassador of National tobacco control campaign?
A. Rahul Dravid

Q 8. The department of India Post allotted customized pin code to Supreme court of India?
A. 110201

Q 9. Who is the writer of the book “Ahmev Radha, Ahmev Krishnah”?
A. The vice president of India M Hamid Ansari.


Q 10. Which company has decided to acquire all the mobile handsets and services of Nokia?
A. Microsoft

Q 11. Which Indian bowler topped the ICC bowlers chart in ODI?
A. Ravindra Jadeja

Q 12. When was National skill Certification and Monetary Reward Scheme was launched?
A. 16th August 2013 by our Finance Minister P. Chidambaram

Q 13. Who is selected a Director General of CRPF?
A. Dilip Trivedi an IPS officer by profession.

Q 14. Name the president of Zimbabwe who served consecutively for 7th term in office?
A. Robert Mugabe

Q 15. Sunil Soni appointed as Director general of_________?
A. Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)

Q 16. Which company holds the majority share in Qualcomm’s India unit?
A. Bharti Airtel

Q 17. World Population day is observed on which day?
A. 11 July

Q 18. Koondakulam Nuclear plant is located in which state?
A. Tamil Nadu

Q 19. Name the Royal baby who born to Price william and catherine?
A. George Alexander Louis

Q 20. Name the state of India with highest literacy rate?
A. Kerela


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